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Portable Sanding

Abrasives for portable grinders. Professional expertise unites with the abrasive to produce quality surface finishes not achievable by machinery alone.

Grip Discs

STARCKE grip discs and sheets on film, cloth, and paper backings for all commercially available portable grinders. High availability both with and without dust extraction holes is ensured by an extensive range of stock-held products.

Fiber Discs

STARCKE aluminium oxide fiber discs for 115 mm and 180 mm angle grinders. Universally applicable fiber disc for optimized stock removal thanks to hardened abrasive grain.

Flap Discs

STARCKE ceramic and zirconia flap discs for 115 mm and 125 mm angle grinders. Optimized stock removal thanks to available conical and flat designs.

Abrasive Cloth

STARCKE aluminium oxide brown denim abrasive cloth. Superior manual grinding properties thanks to smoothly flexible and easily tearable cotton cloth backing.

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