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Voluntary Product Informations based on the format of a Safety Data Sheet

When communicating relevant information from the regulation (EC) No. 1907/2007 (REACH) by means of a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) it has to be noted that this regulation only applies for substances and mixtures. A SDS for other materials such as coated abrasives is not compulsory under REACH.

In order to provide you with information for safe use and handling of coated abrasives the abrasive industry has decided to provide you with a "Voluntary Product Information based on the format of a Safety Data Sheet".

This voluntary product information is based on the general structure of a SDS (16 sections). Certain sub headings have been omitted since they are not relevant for coated abrasives.

If you need "Voluntary Product Informations" for our products, either get in touch with the contact persons you know at STARCKE or send us an E-Mail at info@starcke.de. You will then receive the required documents from us.

Safety Recommendations
This leaflet contains only the most important safety recommendations. Additional information on the safe use of abrasive tools presented in comprehensive safety guidelines are available from FEPA or the German Abrasives Association (VDS).

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